Properly chosen environment helps to make the right choice and will support in difficult times. This is the role played by business clubs, which are becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs.

Business clubs originated in the British Empire in the 18th century, where gentlemen gathered to discuss stock market news and establish business relationships. In the Victorian era, there were more than 2,000 such societies in the empire.

In fact, business clubs have become popular only in recent years, and there are several reasons for this:

Economic crisis. Interestingly, business communities are multiplying in difficult times – businessmen want to communicate and get advice on how to get out of a difficult situation.
Development of social networks. The spread of social networks and messengers contributed to the comprehensive communication of entrepreneurs. Business owners now communicate not only with other entrepreneurs, but also with their direct competitors.
Internet boom. Ukraine is becoming one of the world’s centers in the field of information technology, the country has many IT entrepreneurs who prefer to communicate with colleagues.
Travel abroad. Businessmen actively travel and watch how they do business abroad. In the EU and the US, business people are actively communicating in business clubs, and this is to their advantage.
What give business clubs

First of all, the opportunity to communicate with equals. In fact, most entrepreneurs feel lonely because there is no one to share their problems with. Relatives and friends are not always ready to communicate about business life, you can’t talk about it with subordinates either. It often doesn’t make sense to go to business events at random, because there are risks of encountering fraudsters or infobusinessmen who aim to “divorce” you for money, get them a job or waste your time with lectures on “successful success”.

Business clubs provide an opportunity to communicate with the same businessmen as you, who have the same income and similar problems. Some people have more experience and wider connections, so such people can help with valuable advice or contacts. And the entrepreneur will not be afraid that he will be advised something wrong. Each member of the club values ​​his reputation and does not want to be excluded from the community.

Moderators, mostly experienced entrepreneurs, determine the direction of conversations – so participants do not waste time in vain, and discuss at rallies the topics that concern them most.

Thanks to this, you can really find a mentor in the club who has considerable experience in management and will help you grow up. These are usually big business owners. Usually, they will not take money from you because they are interested in testing their mentoring skills. So, with the help of a business club, you can get valuable advice and guidance for free.

Business communities often hold interesting events to which famous speakers are invited. Participants take part in joint trips, sports and entertainment events. It is much easier for an entrepreneur to relax in a team where they do not want to get anything from him and do not try to flatter themselves. In this environment, you can talk to colleagues about life, hear an interesting idea or establish business relationships with someone who does not deceive you.

How to become a member of the club

Clubs, divided into open and closed, make different demands on members.

Open. For such, it is enough to sign an agreement that you agree to the terms of participation in the club, pay the membership fee and transfer the monthly subscription fee. Some clubs are protected from casual people by the high cost of a monthly subscription fee (approximately one thousand dollars) or by requiring a mandatory interview with the club manager.

Communities say that such demands are not made simply because they are responsible for a comfortable and safe atmosphere for their members.

Closed. It is even harder to get into such clubs. First, you must be recommended by one of the members, secondly, there should be no objections from other members, and thirdly, you need to pass an interview with the head of the club. Sometimes you will be required to prove that you are a business owner and receive a certain income for the year. You must also sign an agreement on the conditions of stay in the club. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be included in the community.

Despite the not very special hospitality of closed clubs, they are the most effective for entrepreneurs, because they weed out unwanted participants, leaving only reliable, wealthy and open. You can not only communicate with them, but also invest in business together.


However, if you can’t afford club membership ($ 100-500 a month) or you’re denied, it doesn’t matter. There are industry or business clubs with more affordable requirements and prices, but the level of control over the participants there will not be so high, so keep this in mind.

Finally, you can turn to specialized associations. Although they do not guarantee comfortable communication and recreation, they allow you to jointly defend the interests of your industry before the state. And the cost of membership here is much cheaper.




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